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Interview with Boris Divider (Drivecom-Spain) - August 2008

Principaly thanks to 2 tracks « Take my Beat » and « Shutdown the System » that are now anthems, about 10 records and many remixes, Boris Divider, is one of the most famous artists in the worldwide electro scene. Boris Divider is the label manager of Drivecom one of the best electro label. The label is now launching it's new release LHDM Remixes.

TPK: Hello Boris, since 2003, after only a few releases, Drivecom is a successful label. Can you explain the success of your label, what is your secret?
Boris Divider: Hi Templeplate, I really dont' know what is exactly the key to make a label get success, I just wanted to drop out my vision about Electro music. More involved into european karftwerkish style keeping alive the late '90 taste of electro stuff from people like Passarani, Voice Stealer or early A. Rother. Maybe the try to fill this hole in the Electro scene is what we could say «success». But now we live hard times to keep a traditional label up on the digital world so success is a relative word.

TPK: You've just released a new record called « LHDM Remixes » (DCOM009) with remixes of three tracks taken from your excellent album « La Hora de las Maquinas » (DCOM007). You, Exzakt and Umwelt made the remixes. Can you tell how you got this idea, how you chose your partners, who chose the tracks to remix...?
Boris Divider: It's a really special release, Fred (Umwelt) and Larry (Exzakt) did a great work but for me it means not only what is the work inside the vinyl, is farther sentiment. the sequel from the album that with the pass of time you can feel it still keeps the depth and powerful vision as the first time. I can see one of my dreams came true. of course it was a good reason to make remixes but I wanted to have a totally different artists (excluding me) running the job. So I decided it has to be one from Europe : Umwelt who has an amazing skills with everything about dark textures, mellodic and industrial strings and rhythms. and another artist from the other side of the world : Larry, who represents one of the most versatile artists from the US electro scene, and who I keep a nice link for years and supported me always. About my rmx, I didn't think to do it but when I arranged the track for the live act and suddenly the idea came to my mind. and ok, we got DCOM009!

TPK: You use machines in studio, your device and set up in live acts are impressive, why do you prefer machines to softwares? What are your favorite machines?
Boris Divider: At this time everybody knows that you must have hard&soft in the studio, but you must to be consequent with the ideas and getting the best of both worlds. I always preffer to start any idea from an inspiring hardware gear than making clicks with the mouse. soft turns you into a lazy person and I can't feel the same. don't get me wrong about to use software, sometimes you can get nice stuff that sometimes is a hard way with analog synths but hey man! I preffer to enjoy the path, the way. than to be extremely fast. I want to enjoy seeing the landscape, and not always to be at the destination in 1 second. In general many people is making music with a couple of clicks and preset library and they upload it to myspace consuming music very fast, we live fast but music is not a concept based on speed in my opinion.

TPK: Can you tell us some words about your side project Shadow Runner?
Boris Divider: I was always keeping in touch with my techno side. I released in the past some works in labels such as Mark Broom's Pure Plastic and my friend Oscar Mulero's Warm Up. so it's not new for me. And I still believe that techno and electro must be toguether. I love dj sets with 50% techno and 50% electro.

I hate when in europe the djs have sometimes radical feelings about to mix it. I mean techno djs must spin more real electro and electro djs have to add some techno in their sets. I think it will be a better situation to understand Electro. For instance, Detroit techno and electro is a good lesson for us, why sepparate them?. Everything's is techno music at the depth of the word. Coming back with the Shadow Runner project I wanted to do it to enjoy live old school techno skills and dark acid vibe I always loved from the '90s: from Mike Dred to Hardfloor. It has more connection with live music and people than the ultraprogrammed-tracks-you-have-nothing-to-do-mixing actually.

TPK: What is your point of view on the international electro scene, the artists, the labels, the parties...? What about Madrid?
Boris Divider: Worldwide Electro scene is really difussed, every land has a little resistance but not too many people and opportunities to make things. The good thing is electroheads are really doing always their best so. they do it because they want, this is not a fashion victim scene and we really appreciate it. Madrid has bad and good things like everwhere, excluding me there are people trying to make things for electro, but sometimes they don't realize to do it well. I don't want to run a club cause I know the vibe of this city for years. For me it's better to make a good party each 6/9 months than every week. And I know what are the best places to do it. but I was telling you a lie if I don't talk about I'm really tired to fight for years with everybody to do the right work every single party. And in the other hand I received good and bad critics cause I tried to fight in Spain in the standard circuit to keep the electro music in the place it deserves. Big events and festivals must have in their line-ups electro artists.

TPK: What are your best sellers at Drivecom?
Boris Divider: I think the best was «Shutdown the System» DCOM005, but «Dark Robot Forces» aswell, now the hard to find People Love Machines (DCOM001) could be a good deal if you find it. Also the album in LP format is nice seller too, everybody wants to have it in vinly format I think it could be a collectors item in the future, who knows. about CD format is cool for the included videos but the best sound is on vinyl!

TPK: Will you write a follow up to "La Hora de las Maquinas"? if yes, any idea when?
Boris Divider: I had it in mind maybe to make a second part but at this moment I'm thinking about new technics and skills to do electro.

TPK: What are your next projects or your wishes?
Boris Divider: I don't know if every wish I have at this moment could come true but this is the 5th year of the label and I would like to end the year making the 10th ref aswell. this ref would be a surprise but it all depends in the industry schedule. I also preparing the second ref from drivecom limited and at the same time Shadow Runner's work is receiving very good critics and people is now asking for live act bookings, This setup will be an old-school techno show, I'm really excited about it... In the other hand we started ZeroOscillator label with good friends and I proud to say the best producers in Spain: Dj Muerto aka Arcanoid, Miguel Mendoza, Oscar Mulero. making everything we love in electronics: techno, acid, electro, idm., every member do the best for each ref, and we talk about music skills, experiences, etc. as we were and old grandmothers club taking the tea. it's funny.

TPK: Thank you for the interview and long life to Drivecom and Boris Divider!
Boris Divider: Thanks to everybody at Templeplate, I know you are in the real battlefield ;) And thanks to the people who support my work and my label, I'm here because they want it.

Label link: www.myspace.com/drivecom
Discography of Drivecom records: http://www.discogs.com/label/Drivecom
Artist link: http://www.myspace.com/borisdivider
Discography of Boris Divider: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Boris+Divider
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Buy Boris Divider's records: Boris Divider on Templeplate

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